All trucks on the road today have some sort of differential. Some are built into the transaxle while others are separate components that connect the transmission output to the drive wheels.

But what exactly is a differential?

When you turn a corner, the wheels on the outside of the turn drive farther and rotate faster than the wheels on the inside. The differential is what allows the drive wheels to turn at different speeds while still supplying torque to the wheels.

To do this, the differential uses a series of gears that can rotate in relation to one another while still transmitting power.

Sure, it sounds complicated, but it’s an important part of what enables your truck to drive around a curve without having the tires skip and slide along the road.

Expert Differential Repair and Rebuild

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They know how to test them, and they know how to fix them when they are not working properly. Everything from a simple leak to a complete rebuild.

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